Our mother company, Trade Pharma Network, counts on an extensive worldwide network in the life sciences & healthcare with access to key decision makers in all business fields of the industry.

The ButterflyNet can be seen as a global life sciences & healthcare virtual community that promotes technological innovation to help companies with their digital transformation, pharma tech and/or trading projects wisely & effortlessly. It also offers the possibility to its members to discuss, interact, share, and trade with each other.


ButterflyNet leverages Blockchain & decentralization to enhance cooperation between our network members & promote innovation in life sciences & healthcare. The platform also uses TXP utility tokens for rewarding, incentivising and payment purposes.


If you are interested in our platform and would like to join our ButterflyNet community dedicated to life sciences & healthcare professionals and companies, please fill out the inquiry form below. Once received, we will duly review your submission and get back to you shortly.


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