DiagPass is the patient digital passport that pools all your diagnostic data–from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare if needed–in a concise & clear manner. It is intended to be used for Covid-19 testing & monitoring but can also be used in a similar way for other diseases.

Usually, medical records detailing the diagnoses and treatment regimens are long and extensive. Brief overviews of relevant diagnostic and treatment data in the form of a patient passport are currently missing in routine care for patients but also for a personal use either for Covid-19 or other diseases.

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The originality of the app behind DiagPass is that all the data entered into it is owned by the patient only and is, so to say, by the user and for the user. For this purpose, DiagPass uses a patented & highly secure touch-less identity & multi-factor authentication DE-MFA™, quantum safe™, and dynamically encrypted ID (key) that is secured in a public or private Blockchain that provides proof of ownership and documentation of every transaction on encrypted “blocks” of information.

Going forward, the patient through this app has the possibility to fully disposes of their diagnostic & other related medical data/records.


This is absolutely not a track & trace app nor patients are required to share their data. They are the sole owners of their data and free to them to share them with their doctor & healthcare professionals or not.

Currently, we are still fine-tuning this app alongside our valued partners & sponsors and will timely inform our network once the app development and the Proof of Concept are complete.

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