The Digital solution for buyers & sellers performing theiR routine transactions of PHARMACEUTICALS.


Zefir™ is Trade Pharma Network's trading solution for pharmaceuticals. Indeed, we are a trading platform is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharma-centric marketplace of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines.


Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven platform uses powerful AI algorithms to enable efficient search & digital matchmaking between our key stakeholders but also the Blockchain & distributed ledger technology. Thus, our business model rely on the 3 following pillars:

Our underlying technology is built on Ethereum  Blockchain networks that bring transparency into this one trillion plus market. Indeed, Zefir™ through its cutting-edge decentralized applications that enable our users to disrupt the trust industry with the aim of changing the world for the better through a distributed ledger technology without being constrained by limited input from outside our network.

Our platform uses AI-driven technology that consist in powerful algorithms requiring state-of-the-art Machine Learning technique as well as quality datasets compared to the more traditional Machine Learning algorithms of today. This AI technology enables programmatic targeting and digital matchmaking between the supply & the demand, with a personal touch.

Zefir™ is highly involved in the pharmaceutical trade and thus the platform is linking together, importers & exporters distributors, drug makers, wholesalers, hospital & dispensing pharmacies, non-profits and our corporate partners in Europe and worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way.


Zefir™ helps pharmaceutical & healthcare businesses to trade pharmaceuticals safely & efficiently but also to build transparency & trust inherent in the process in their goods & supply chain to  prevent counterfeiting of medicines. Here is an insight regarding our main stakeholders:



Grow your business by competing on the things that matter. We support high-quality authentic products made with concern for your customers.



Our business is designed to give you an edge with your customers for more proactivity from export & import perspective. 


Engage your customers and/or suppliers with real-time information & data gathered collaboratively from key stakeholders all along the supply chain.



Give creative non-profit organisations an edge for their charity & philanthropic work but also public organizations for more comprehensive insight into effective levers for influencing pharma tech policy change.

Zefir™ platform supports high-quality authentic products made with concern for your patients.


Do you seek to reinforce your work with our AI & Blockchain driven solutions, strategic partnerships are at the core of our plan to grow.


The ButterflyNet can be seen as a global life sciences & healthcare virtual community that promotes technological innovation to help companies with their digital transformation, pharma tech and/or trading projects wisely & effortlessly. It also offers the possibility to its members to discuss, interact, share, and trade with each other.


Exclusively dedicated to our growing network of life sciences and healthcare organizations, our eShops offer our members selected & hard to find pharmaceuticals, and medical devices (IVDs) but also APIs, Additives and Vitamins to support them with their purchasing activities.


Prescription drugs for pharma & healthcare professionals only, in Europe and beyond.


Medical Devices (incl. In Vitro Diagnostic Devices) covering key health and therapeutic areas.


Offering active pharmaceutical ingredients, additives, vitamins and Excipients  cases to pharma & biotech professionals.

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It is important to note that Covid-19 has highlighted the critical importance of an organized, effective and timely response to a global health emergency, that’s the reason why and since the beginning of this plague, through our Covid-19 initiative, we have been striving & committed to connect multiple medical & healthcare resources, technology & people to tackle this pandemic and reduce its impacts and consequences on our lives and our societies.

As a result of our Covid-19 initiative, a couple of different approaches are currently used:


- Blockchain & AI based Diagnostic data App development: DiagPass™ ;

- Medical Equipments & Supplies sourcing due to the provisioning challenges that affect some of them ;

- Connected & smart 3D printed containers to help making supply chain more resilient and able to adapt to unusual    & critical situations in a fast & efficient way ;

- Regulatory Support to the Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies in their regulatory filings.